Very chuffed…

Well last week I shot my first full Portsmouth round using my new(ish) compound bow. For the non-archers, the Portsmouth round is 60 arrows at a range of 20 yards onto a 60cm face. The thing is that compound archers, to score a 10, have a smaller inner gold to go for which is about 2 inches across. Everything else in the gold is a nine and then down from there…

Now I managed to score a very reasonable I thought 496 out of a possible 600 which for my first full round I felt was quite an achievement! Plenty of room for improvement (as in the 104 points I didn’t get) but it gives me a base to work from.

As Billy (my compound compatriot and unofficial coach) pointed out, get all 60 in at least the gold and you score 540 with the 10’s being bonus. Seeing as the 9 zone is a good 6 inches across, hopefully it won’t be too long before I get to that stage…

At least when I shoot in the Scotland Eastern championships held in Jan. 2010 I shouldn’t get the wooden spoon and make myself look a tit at this rate 😉

First and most likey last “Robin Hood”

Well on Wednesday after returning to the sport after a break of 18 years, I shot my very first and most likely last robin hood at 20 yards using a club bow and arrows! 🙂

Robin Hood

It was definitely more luck than judgement and after being informed I could keep the arrows as long as I shoot my own equipment from now on, the club were dead chuffed for me!

Personally I couldn’t quite grasp the significance of the event as the other guys gathered round with jaws agape but I guess it’s quite cool!

Oi! UPS! Where’s me flipping stuff!!

OK getting impatient now, UPS are supposed to be making a delivery to me today. Their site tracker says it’s currently on a van somewhere in Edinburgh.

What it won’t tell me that “Bob the driver” is currently on an extended lunch break, smoking copious amounts of nicotine and supping tea. So Bob if you are reading this, remove your thumb from where it shouldn’t be, get your arse in gear and deliver my stuff!!!

Granted he has until 7pm to deliver so knowing my luck he will roll up at 6:59:59 with a grin on his smug face. At this point I shall have to resist the urge to show him a new use for a 30″ carbon arrow (he’s delivering archery bits n bibs you see)




Oooh lookey, a new category!

Yep I have taken up a sport. This one doesn’t involve me running around, going underwater or wasting excessive amounts of energy though.

I’ve joined Lasswade Archery club up here in Edinburgh to occupy my mind two nights a week and to shoot long pointy sticks at inanimate objects. I last did archery when I was about 18 which was, erm, a long time ago, so I though I would give it another crack and honestly forgotten how much bloody good fun it is!

A real buzz when you get one in the gold and don’t actually kill anyone 😉

I’ve spent a few squid with the guys at Archery World getting me bits and bobs so once I get it all together I might even post some scores…