It’s geeky but still very cool…

Now being the geek that I am, unashamedly so as well I might add, I was looking around for an application for my HTC touch that would tell me how far I was walking when I took Bert the staffie out.

She who must be obeyed looked doubtful the other day when I reckoned I was walking about 20 miles per week so I needed proof dammit!

Anyway I came across this rather natty application called TrackMyRun which has been developed by a chap who runs quicker than I walk to log his training schedule.

It’s in Alpha/Beta at the moment but works really well on Windows Mobile 6 although I did have to upgrade the .NET Compact framework from 2.0 to 3.5 to get the beast started.

Basically it will use GPS to track your walk/run/drive/aeroplane/whatever journey, calculate the distance travelled, average speed, calories burnt etc and will also give you a rather cool map of your route using Google maps as the base.

A nice find I thought and ideal for anyone who enjoys anything more exertion than sitting on a chair reading blogs 😉

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