Hosting Technical Support Position – Tentative Applications Required

Open Minded Solutions Limited are currently in negotiations with a leading UK merchant account & payment gateway provider to supply our eCommerce software to their merchants. At this stage it is anticipated that negotiations will be complete by late June.

Now a new partnership of this size does bring a new set of challenges to an existing, thriving business such as ourselves and a primary area of those challenges is exceeding customer expectations through an unrivalled level of customer support to new and existing clients.

We are therefore seeking tentative applications for a new position that will be based in our Edinburgh office.

The Position
The ideal candidate for this new and exciting position will be an individual who is passionate about providing an extreme level of support to clients in a manner that would exceed expectations. From a technical perspective they will also have:

  • A strong working knowledge of Windows and Linux web hosting platforms
  • Experience with troubleshooting and resolving network related issues, DNS, FTP, IIS and Apache platforms
  • Experience of the technicalities of domain name registration and transfers, SSL certificate provisioning and PCI compliance testing.
  • A background of providing superb customer service in an environment containing a mixture of businesses from small SMEs through to multi-million pound corporate clients
  • A working knowledge of various server side scripting languages such as ColdFusion MX, PHP, ASP and .NET
  • Although a wide programming knowledge is beneficial, the ideal candidate will have a strong background in developing and maintaining ColdFusion MX applications
  • Be based in Edinburgh or the surrounding area as they will be required to work from our offices based in Edinburgh South.

The Benefits
Aside from working with an established and rapidly growing company, the chosen candidate can expect:

  • An excellent starting salary based on background and experience
  • Performance related bonus scheme (after qualifying period)
  • Profit sharing scheme (after qualifying period)
  • Sick pay and holiday entitlement
  • A very friendly and exciting working environment
  • Joining the company at ground level but with unlimited opportunity to grow all the way through to director level

At this stage the position is tentative but should negotiations be successful it is anticipated the position will be available from late July 2009.

So does this sound like you? If so please forward a detailed CV of your background and experience to Phil Williams at contact <at> and we will contact you in due course.

Multiple VPN connections and Windows Server 2003

This one had me totally stumped for a couple of hours…

OK I’d setup a VPN server on Windows Server 2003 Web Edition which is something I’ve done before a number of times using RRAS (Remote Routing and Access Services), set my VPN user up and allowed them access to the server…

Went to the client computer, set the VPN connection up and tested. Bingo, connects straight away, I could map the drives etc all without a problem…

Now I then setup a second user on the VPN server for access and setup a separate computer to connect to it.

Erm… No dice. I kept getting a vague 651 or 800 error message being sent back which indicated that I couldn’t connect to the server.

I found then that if I disconnected the first client and tried connecting with the second client all was hunky dory so it was only allowing one connection at a time. After several hours googling and a chat with the data centre we established something that I (nor they) had come across before in that Windows Server 2003 web edition only allows one incoming VPN connection! The solution is to upgrade to Standard edition when the limit is raised to 1,000….

This little nugget of info is buried deep amongst the tech notes and is not really the first place you would check.

Now had I got an error along the lines of “Error code: xxx. You can only have one VPN connection to Windows Server 2003 Web Edition (you dumbass)” that would have been more helpful! Ok lose the dumbass bit but at least it would have been entertaining…

Vague error messages and response codes seem to be the hallmark of Microsoft at times so hopefully this post will help someone else out.