Build Your Own Computer – Part One

Now surprising as this may seem from a geek like me but I have never actually built my own computer system from scratch although this has always been one of the things I’ve always wanted to do.

Faced with rising temperatures and sluggishness in my current system, I made the decision to upgrade the core components and custom build my own system.

Now before starting I decided to draw up a list of wants and needs. This obviously dictated what parts I purchased and the spec so…

  • Cooling is paramount due to the heavy usage
  • Multi-tasking speed due to the large nbumber of applications
  • Sufficient storage space for multiple disks
  • Ability to upgrade further in the future

With the fantastic help of Simon at Computer Products Limited, who also supplied all the parts at an excellent price, I settled on the following spec for the new machine:

The remaining components such as the RAM, graphics cards and two other disks were taken from the existing system to be added to new beast.

At the time of writing I’m just waiting for the motherboard to appear and then I can really crack on. I’ve have made a start and took some pics though:

Side view of the empty Antec case

Side view of the empty Antec case

Front view of the case with the hinged door open

Next job, fitting the PSU…