Flogging a dead horse?

Three years ago Alex Tew of www.milliondollarhomepage.com fame cam up with a fantastic and simple idea that made him a boat load of cash. He even popped up on a business forum I use when at the time I said it was a great idea:


His next idea www.pixellotto.com flopped miserably but now he is selling a limited run of 1,000 posters of the MDH home page with 100 signed by him:


This will easily net him a cool £25,000 in sales so is he a shrewd entrepreneur or is just lucky and flogging a dead horse?

Personally I think he had a great idea but just failed to capitalise on it’s success.

Numpties of the highest order….

We use one of the countries leading payment gateway services to download a small text file for updating currency rates for eCommerce stores.

This morning I downloaded 5,863 alert emails telling me the service had failed!

Logging onto their site someone has dropped a massive spanner and forbidden access to the text file! Ringing them got a “Oh thats odd, we’ll get onto it straight away” response.

Why the bloody hell do they change such critical stuff with no notice or thought?? It drives me nuts when companies as big as this just break stuff and then wait for someone to ring them. Idiots…

Now I can’t name and shame but lets say they operate a Secure environment for when you are Trading online….

And breath…

I feel better now

WordPress permalinks are broken after upgrading to v2.6

The latest realease of WordPress (v2.6) has a rather odd bug that is not only annoying but a massive show stopper. I came across the bug myself when I recently upgraded the blog last month and it’s popping up all over the place so I though a quick post would help…

In essence, the problem lies with how the permalinks are rendered by the WordPress code. After upgrading to 2.6 your permalinks may simply go to a built in 404 page. The problem is within the rewrite rules to produce sexy links and the fix is very quick and simple.

Log in to your WordPress admin section and then go to:

Settings > Permalinks

Scroll down and at the bottom under the optional section simply add /category in the category field and /tag in the tag field.

Click save and your permalinks should then start working again with no change to the actual structure of the URL itself.

And that’s it. Next week, how to save the planet from global warming and also a 10 second guide to becoming irresistible to women…