Worlds oldest domain name…

I was curious today, don’t ask me why just one of those moods, what the world’s oldest domain name was. I thought it would be interesting to see who actually got in there first. After a bit of googling I came across this top 100 list that showed the registration dates of the 100 oldest domains in terms of length of time they had been registered.

What surprised me was that in the top ten, there was only six domains I had actually heard of…

Rank Create date Domain name
1. 15-Mar-1985 SYMBOLICS.COM
2. 24-Apr-1985 BBN.COM
3. 24-May-1985 THINK.COM
4. 11-Jul-1985 MCC.COM
5. 30-Sep-1985 DEC.COM
6. 07-Nov-1985 NORTHROP.COM
7. 09-Jan-1986 XEROX.COM
8. 17-Jan-1986 SRI.COM
9. 03-Mar-1986 HP.COM
10. 05-Mar-1986 BELLCORE.COM
11. 19-Mar-1986 IBM.COM
11. 19-Mar-1986 SUN.COM
13. 25-Mar-1986 INTEL.COM
13. 25-Mar-1986 TI.COM
15. 25-Apr-1986 ATT.COM

You can see the full list here..

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