Microsoft vs Mozilla – Day One

OK tonight I have decided to try a little experiment. Basically I’m going to switch from using MS IE and MS Outlook to FireFox and Thunderbird for my web browsing and email for a short evaluation period. Lets say until this Sunday to give it a fair chance…

Those that know me will know that I am a big MS advocate but to be fair to all parties concerned I’m going to give Mozilla a crack of the whip in the metaphorical sense. So lets download these puppies….

Mozilla Thunderbird
OK I use Outlook to the extent where I only really use it for email. I don’t use the contact/diary etc all that much so losing those for the time being until I find a replacement won’t be a big heartache. Thunderbird claims to be able to import everything from Outlook so let’s give that a blast…

Upon installing TB, the first thing that popped up was did I want to import my mail? Damn straight I thought and gave the thumbs up. Granted I have a whopper PST file weighing in at a mighty 900MB so it’s going to be interesting to see how TB handles this. Ten minutes into the install and the progress bar has just shifted into life so this could take some time!

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