Time to get fit..

Been visiting Cameron Caine for a while now. The owner, Cameron Caine amazingly enough, has developed a unique and highly original way to get and keep fit.

In a nutshell he has taken the idea of exercise and turned it on it’s head creating an area where you can actually enjoy throwing lumps of metal about and doing generally exhausting things. Personally it’s wearing me out just reading the damn thing but he has managed to achieve what very few people do these days and that’s that he has created something original.

Take another example. The Million Dollar Home Page created by Alex Tew. Now Alex first popped up on the Shell Livewire forums, where I am a regular poster, some months ago and asked everyone what they thought of his idea. I said it was genius and I’m glad to still say that as he amassed an obscene amount of cash in a few short months.

Sadly, also within a few months, the idea has been copied to hell and I’ve yet to come across a single site that even remotely measures up to the original. The key is be original and creative, don’t be lame and just become a follower…

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