Just a word of warning if you are a spammer or a spam bot reading this blog and are thinking of posting your crummy link to various medications that would improve the quality of my sex life or offering me the opportunity to grow hair where there really shouldn’t be…

  1. I will ban you and your IP permanently from my servers (yes I do own them)
  2. You will then be tied hog style to an eight foot length of bamboo
  3. “Show me the way to Amarillo” will then be played at ear bleeding volume whilst you have red hot needles inserted through both eyeballs
  4. I’ll turn up on your doorstep armed with enough pizzas to feed an entire family for a year and several skips ready to take away your wordly possessions including your well thumbed copy of “1,000 ways to really p**s people off”

Harsh? Probably…

OK I’ll drop that damn song from the list… Better?

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